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The Casual Cocktails Report

Restaurants may be working to incorporate cocktails into their offering, but what do customers really think of what’s on the menu and served before them? Cardinal and Casual Dining magazine’s Casual Cocktails Report aims to find out if operators are doing enough to quench cocktail cravings.

There’s no denying it – cocktails are now a key ingredient in the recipe for restaurant success. From burger joints like Dip & Flip and Patty & Bun, which have included cocktails as permanent fixtures on the menus in their newest sites, to higher end operations like City Social and Coya, which are launching interactive cocktail menus to enhance the experience, all manner of restaurants are stirring up flavourful concoctions. This is no accident. Customers are increasingly looking for cocktails outside of the traditional bar environment and cocktails are being consumed with food now more than ever. This is just one of the conclusions we can take from this year’s Casual Cocktails Report with Cardinal, which looks at the habits and opinions of consumers that have recently drunk spirits and cocktails in a restaurant.