The Bar Flyers in outlet field team –
blue-rinsers need not apply.

Mystery Visiting & Auditing

We provide brand owners with live market intelligence from where it’s often hard to find. The Bar Flyers are discreet, empathetic, trained in outlet segmentation and accurate – and can easily go unnoticed when required for mystery visiting.

bar flyers
THE BAR FLYERS:Cardinal’s crack undercover squad


Secret shoppers, discreet drinkers – call them what you will, the Bar Flyers work across the full gambit of the on and off trade from corner stores and supermarkets, to high end bars in bars in Mayfair, hipster hangouts in Dalston or a WMC in South Shields.

They also travel to far flung lands and help segment bars, train local interviewers and field manage on trade studies where local experience is in short supply.

Methods range from face to face, Cardinal ‘Supervised Self-Completion’ and digital recording of perfect serves for rapid reporting – covertly or overtly.