By being immersed in the drinks business we truly understand how brands live, breathe and evolve.

Brand Marketing

There is a unique dynamic of consideration, purchase and consumption in the on trade – and we embrace it. We also understand the relationship between on and off trade adoption.

brand diagram 1
PURCHASE DYNAMICS:Understanding how decisions are made


Conspicuous consumption in full view of others means that what we choose to drink is transmitted at some level – this process of permission drives adoption in a trend based market where new brands are often Firestarters or Slow Burners.

brand diagram 2
ADOPTION MODELS:Firestarter or Slow Burner?


We’re known for measuring and evaluating brand marketing effort in the channel.

Whether that’s evaluating new concepts prior to launch or assessing their impact in trade – or even managing test markets in outlets – this is Cardinal’s heartland.

Techniques are varied, employing the Bar Flyers for in-outlet methods as well as more traditional group discussions when the need arises.

Experiential measurement fits in here, too. The ROI of a campaign is possible to measure. And we’ve been doing since before it was called Experiential!