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About Us

Immersed and expert

Clients look to us for expert advice on the leisure channel and researching within it. We’ve been doing this for a long time – since 1986!

Practical, imaginative, commercial, adventurous

The channel is complex and dynamic. Researching in it is often tricky, but we’ll always find a way. We are multimethod, but not method led – this is not about pre packaged ‘method brands’, it’s about finding a solution that suits the issue to be addressed.

Talking to the trade, consumers and super consumers (staff) all the time

Three key audiences – we’ll include them all if we can!

A close team

A tight and nimble team of five in the office, with specialist support network of consultants (including ex-publicans, bar owners and so on) and a dedicated field resource.

The Bar Flyer on trade field research team

Light of foot, keen of eye, hard working and empathetic to all levels of the trade and your consumers. Blue-rinsers need not apply.

Part of HPI Research

The Mother Ship. Cardinal is owned by HPI Research, communications and branding research specialists.



  • Martin Dinkele
    Martin DinkeleSenior Partner
    Length of service: 20+ years Last seen drinking: Cask ale Where? A local brew-house in Cambridge If I wasn’t working today I’d be... on the golf course If I wasn’t a researcher I’d be... a cricket commentator on Sky or TMS Pet hate: I just hate the whole idea of jellyfish
  • Matthew Coles
    Matt ColesPartner
    Length of service: 16 years Last seen drinking: Black Sheep or an Old Fashioned Where? Crispin’s Wine Bar, Ealing Wearing: Northampton made shoes and a linen scarf Dream drinking buddy: Peter Cook Party Trick: The cereal box game
  • Sophie Johnson
  • Sophie JohnsonPartner
    Length of service: 8 years Last seen drinking: A vintage cider Where? At a festival If I wasn’t a researcher I’d be... a vegetarian chef running my own restaurant Party trick: Making balloon animals Dream drinking buddy: Bobby George for a game of darts
  • Joe Thompson
    Joe ThompsonAccount Manager
    Length of service: 5.12years at Cardinal, 6 years in research Last seen drinking: 2009 Coteaux du Languedoc "L'Indigène", Mas des Agrunelle Where? Brawn restaurant in Columbia Road If I wasn’t a researcher I’d be... a superstar DJ Party Trick: passing out!
  • Alasdair Pearce
     Research Executive
    Length of service: 1 Years Last seen drinking: Talisker 10 Yr Where? Anywhere with an open fire If I wasn’t a researcher I’d be... a lawyer, surprisingly
  • The Bar Flyers
    Bar FlyersCardinal have developed a team of young Bar Flyers who are comfortable and effective when conducting research in the on trade.They will find consumers who have been exposed to your products or promotion, and will speak to consumers who only visit specific types of outlets. They have the experience, empathy and ability to gain access to and work in exclusive outlets that other standard field staff would not. The Bar Flyers have worked up and down the UK, all over Europe and in America.